• Inceptive AB
  • 2021
  • Identity
  • Illustrations
  • Imagery
  • Art Direction
  • Illustration
  • Graphic Design

Inceptive Logo Design & Rebranding

Identity redesign for Inceptive, a Swedish company within the software development industry with services in software testing and requirements engineering.

Inceptive was founded in 2006, conceived out of an idea to help development teams create great software by aiding development through testing and quality endeavors. They offer skilled specialists for resource assignments, training and mentoring, advanced tool support, as well as complete process improvement undertaking.

The management reached out to me with a desire to renew the company’s visual identity. Their logo had remained untouched since the company’s inception, and in order to become a more appealing employer and attract, recruit and retain the best possible talent, they felt that an update to their visual design was a good solution.

The assignment included logotype redesign, illustrations, social media assets, redesign of Power Point templates, and imagery aiding the company in communicating visually.

The Redesign

The logo symbol and the combined logo were both updated to a more modern and contemporary design. The i-symbol now looks less like an information sign.

To reinforce the sender, the typography in the logo was changed to a slightly bolder type, and the symbol now matches the typography more closely, giving a better overall balance to the combined logo.

The identity also gained more confidence by replacing the fiery yellow primary color with a slightly more saturated orange tone.


Some of the imagery was produced to be used at events and news or to highlight associates or newly hired personnel on LinkedIn.


Some of the imagery was produced to be used in online campaigns to and attract and recruit new talent.


Some of the imagery were used as video backgrounds during online video sessions and online meetings.


Some of the images and illustrations used on the website.

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