• More Etc. Typemakers
  • 2023
  • Type Design
  • Usage Imagery
  • Font Identity
  • Marketing Content
  • Art Direction
  • Illustration
  • Graphic Design

Nektar Typeface Identity & Marketing

Nektar is a soft & smooth sans serif typeface with spirit, personality and distinction.

This bold, semi-condensed and human sans serif is inspired by the “perfect imperfection” of old prints. The typeface is lively and eye-catching, ideal for where and when you want to make a positive and human impression.

This assignment included type design, illustrations, various usage imagery with made-up content, marketing design, and designing the general font identity.

Bold and eye-catching typeface with tons of personality.

Over 650 glyphs including symbols.

Support for more than 457 languages, including Cyrillic script.

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