• Rundgång Rekords
  • Kaos Kontrol
  • Speakerphone Recordings
  • 2018
  • Album packaging design
  • Art Direction
  • Illustration
  • Graphic Design

All Mangled And Deformed

Packaging design for the ”All Mangled And Deformed” album released by Rundgång Rekords, Kaos Kontrol and Speakerphone Recordings in 2018.

The packaging is a UV varnished sleeve with a 2-sided insert.

This LP is a tribute to the American noise-rock band Hammerhead. The release was initially intended as a split 7-inch single with Suma and Årabrot both sharing one Hammerhead cover each. The project grew larger as more bands got involved, and finally featured We Live In Trenches, Great Falls, Pets Or Food, Suma, Swarm, The Christpunchers, Throat, and Årabrot.

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