• Startracks
  • 2018
  • Visual identity
  • Art Direction
  • Graphic Design

Startracks 25th anniversary

Visual identity for the event celebrating the Swedish independent record label Startracks 25th anniversary. In 2019, Startracks turned 25 years, and held an anniversary event in Stockholm with old and new artists from the label roster.

The assignment included a set of posters and social media assets.


25 years of Startracks

Stockholm 1994. Refused’s legendary ep “Pump the Brakes” is released. It is the first release on the newly started company Startrec, which, due to difficulties with the Patent and Registration Office, will take the new name Startracks a little later.

Stockholm 2019. Startracks is one of Sweden’s oldest indie record labels that is still active. After Refused, the company has worked with artists such as Fireside, Loosegoats, Kristofer Åström, Christian Kjellvander, Tiger Lou, Moneybrother, Florence Valentin and many, many more. From hardcore punk to brittle pop via noisy indie rock, alt. country, and rock’n’roll that’s larger than life – Startracks is a genre expedition. In constant motion. Onward.

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