The Zürich Laboratory


  • Visual Identity
  • Art Direction
  • Graphic Design

The Zürich Lab

The Zürich Laboratory is a Swiss-registered non-profit organization. They publish books, articles and essays in the intersection of psychoanalysis and culture, aiming to create innovative analytical tools, educational approaches and depth psychologically-informed working methodologies that address the challenges posed by a rapidly changing world.

The lab helps individuals and organizations to acquire a more active and creative relationship with the deeper contexts in which they subsist and from which they operate. They assist in identifying and transcending underlying conflicts that hinder healing and transformation.

They are also heading the initiative of TZL/R, an international center for research that promotes the study of depth psychology in light of contemporary culture, politics, and society. By facilitating interdisciplinary exchanges between individuals from all walks of life, the center hopes to extend the reach of psychoanalysis beyond professional and clinical settings.

The assignment included logotype, stationery, and publications.

The Zürich Lab supports and implements initiatives that respond to contemporary social challenges by bringing psychoanalysis to the streets. We fire-start debates. We curate and publish psychoanalytically inspired writing. We engage with global culture with a view to promoting experiences of breadth and depth.

The Zürich Laboratory

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