• Division Of Laura Lee
  • 2022
  • Album packaging design
  • Art Direction
  • Graphic Design

Last Light EP Packaging Design

Packaging design for “Last Light EP” by noisy Swedish indie rock veterans Division Of Laura Lee (released on Welfare Sounds & Records in the spring of 2022).

I had previously done the packaging design for the re-release of their first album, Black City, and the band approached me again to work on the packaging design. They let me do pretty much whatever I wanted as long as we used we used the cover photo by Chris Mottalini (with styling by Jeffrey W Miller), which they had decided on using. Members in the band did the collage used in the packaging.

There are two versions of this EP – a standard vinyl version and a picture disc version. The packaging for the two versions differs slightly from each other:

The standard vinyl version comes in a regular outer sleeve with printed inner sleeve and the vinyl is in beautiful bright yellow. One side of the record has music, the other side is blank.

The picture disc version comes in a sleeve with a die-cut hole on the front and the inside of the sleeve is printed. The front side of the disc is blank with just the photo, the other side of the record has music. We all thought is was funny to have the ”music side” look like a regular record with black vinyl and a regular label.

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