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Type Design Department

More Etc. Typemakers is a Swedish independent type foundry run by me, Robert Samsonowitz. After more than 20 years as a graphic designer and art director I finally added a type design department to RBRT/CRTV.

Having primarily worked in the music industry, designing fonts for my own assignments and projects was a natural step in my graphic design endeavors. Moving on to designing commercial typefaces was a logical second step.

Having a soft spot for punk aesthetics and everything odd, gritty and human, More Etc is engaged with the intention to bring typefaces with spirit, personality and distinction into this world.

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The Generic Typeface Collection

The Generic Typeface Collection is a series of sans-serif typefaces inspired by the craftsmanship of graphic designtypesetting, and printing in the analogue era – before Adobe, Macintosh computers and desktop publishing – when dinosaurs ruled the earth.

With the use of various typesetting apparatuses or dry transfer typephoto copiers, and shooting layouts and paste-ups to film, the printed results was not as exactprecise and predictable as it is today. When examining old prints, it is difficult not to like the way that characters in over- or underexposed film have a special type of vibe to them that is often sadly lost in today’s pursuit of total perfection.

Encouraged by this, I saw a need for a collection of typefaces that are non-clinical and non-conformist, and some that are coarse, rough and distorted – errors that might come from poor exposure when put on film, enlargements from small point texts, or maybe quality loss from successive generations of photocopies. Or all of the above.

This is an attempt to incorporate spirit and personality into a set of typefaces without losing distinction. You might call it a homage to non-perfection. I call it human.

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